Client: Kemper Development Company
Location: Bellevue, Washington
Size: 218 Units

Translating developer vision and project attributes into a compelling leasing story.

A premier community demands an elevated sales experience

Two Lincoln Tower is the premier luxury apartment community in Bellevue and arguably the entire Pacific Northwest. Such a community demands a higher level of sales professionalism, because prospective residents could live just about anywhere they desire and are accustomed to a top-notch, personalized sales experience. Elevating the sales experience was necessary to support Kemper Development Co.’s absorption objectives for the project without resorting to price and concessions.

A different approach

We were engaged to develop a comprehensive sales program for training the leasing team on how to shift their approach from leading tours to connecting and engaging with their audience, and selling the lifestyle experience of Two Lincoln Tower, rather than focusing on features and benefits.

A comprehensive program

We adapted Red Propeller’s proven methodology for story-selling training specifically for Two Lincoln Tower and its audience. We then prepared a robust one-day training program for the building’s leasing and concierge teams. This program focused on professional story selling throughout the sales process, including discovery, pathing, story messaging, selling against the competition, appealing to prospects’ needs and motivations, and overcoming potential objections. We also created a playbook that Two Lincoln Tower will use for ongoing practice and supporting the onboarding of new team members.